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Coronavirus Issues

Due to the events of 2020, the stress that “essential” workers feel is at an all-time high. They are doing their best to show up for work and interact with customers, while at the same time taking care of their own needs and the needs of their family. Customers are not able to accomplish important tasks with the speed and efficiency that they are used to and may be frustrated, angry, and even scared. Some customers even resist or refuse to wear their covid mask inside your place of business. All this is a recipe for confrontation and violence in the workplace.

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Is Your Business Prepared?


Retailers, restauranteurs, and management of any brick-and-mortar stores must have policies and training in place to deal with customers who are not compliant with new guidelines. Serve and Protect Law  can support your team by suggesting best practices for your Safety Policy and providing guidance and training for supervisors and employees.

In-person or webinar training topics may include:

  • Distraction techniques to use on an irate customer

  • The proper response for customers refusing to comply

  • Using the concept of "policy" to your advantage

  • Confidence in word choice, body language, and tone

  • "Active Threat" strategies when customer interactions turn dangerous

Planning and training for a low probability, high-risk event is the foundation of crisis prevention and training.

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