Coronavirus Issues

The Coronavirus has created a new work environment, with new safety concerns for employees returning to their office, and their office building. As your building eventually opens to the public, your employees may be working with customers that are frustrated, angry, and even scared. This is a recipe for confrontation and violence in the workplace. Please see our blog entitled “The Power of Yes,” which provides some strategies for interacting with irate customers.


Employees returning to their office, and their office building, will also find less employees nearby to help them- or to spot danger; unknown contractors and vendors cleaning work areas; visitors wearing masks that conceal their identity; and reduced security staff, if any. 


If there is a workplace violence incident in the building, or any safety related problems or issues, company leaders and supervisors may not even be on scene, and may have to manage the crisis remotely.

We can help you identify the challenges, and find the solutions to keep your employees safe.

Serve and Protect Law LLC™ can help companies with Workplace Violence and Active Shooter prevention, resources, and training. 

We help companies plan and prepare for any Crisis Situation that could be dangerous to their employees, or their business.

  • We conduct facility risk assessments for commercial buildings;

  • Write policies and procedures to guide training and make organizations OSHA compliant;

  • Provide Crisis training to company employees;

  • Conduct table-top training exercises for company leaders preparing them for a Crisis Situation, and

  • Conduct company-wide Active Threat training exercises that all employees participate in


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