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Park District Crisis Program

Serve and Protect™ will design, train, and implement an Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Training Program customized to the unique needs of your park district. Our Crisis Programs are consistent with the Run Hide Fight Model.

Limited Security.

Your Park District facility is filled with children in after- school and summer programs. However, a Park District Facility is much less secure and supervised than a public school. A Park District must be conducting Active Shooter Lockdown and Evacuation training in coordination with the local police department, just as schools do.

Facility Risk Assessment and Written Plan.

Our Program includes a comprehensive Risk Assessment of your facility and campus, and a review of your existing Active Threat/Workplace Violence written policies and procedures. 


Every teacher, instructor, or worker at a Park District or recreational facility needs a strong working knowledge of their role should an Active Shooter incident occur.  While the staff may include teenagers and inexperienced young adults, we train them to ensure that they react appropriately during a crisis or a violent incident.

Police Contact.

Our programs provide your police department with the information they need in order to make immediate contact with your staff when there is a nearby danger. We establish the protocol and fully test it.


Our Plans design and implement a notification system to alert all buildings, fields, and locations if there is an armed intruder on the premises or nearby.

Training Exercises.

We provide classroom type training, as well as more advanced training options such as “Table Top” exercises and Active Shooter drills for your entire building or campus. These drills are also known as Active Threat drills, or Hard Lockdown drills. Our training exercises are not designed to scare or alarm. They are intended to provide you with a realistic view of how your employees will respond in a crisis, and are conducted with the participation and cooperation of your local police. Your Crisis Plan is only as good as the last time it was practiced.


Our Programs include a disciplined evacuation process should it be necessary to evacuate children from your building and grounds.  We establish the protocol for flow, transport, and coordination with staff at the evacuation site.


Following evacuation, reunifying the children in your custody with their parents can be a complex procedure. You must ensure that children are being picked up by a legally appropriate parent or caretaker.


Our Crisis Plans use plain language to notify people of a threat – not confusing and often misunderstood code words.

Be Prepared. Be Confident.

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