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School Crisis Program

Serve and Protect™ will design, train, and implement an Active Shooter Training Program customized to the needs of your schools:

Risk Assessment.

A comprehensive Risk Assessment of your Facility and campus, and a Review of your existing policies and procedures. We incorporate the unique layout of your school building and nearby facilities into the Crisis Plan. 

Multi-Dimensional Training. 

For an Active Shooter situation, our Plans include the Run Hide Fight model, incorporating Evacuation and Hard Lockdown strategies.

Soft Lockdown Training.

A soft lockdown is a significantly different procedure. It is a very effective tool to utilize when responding to a serious incident inside your building, or a significant danger occurring outside of your building. Your staff and administrators need to be proficient in when, and how, to activate and implement both types of lockdowns.

Training Exercises.

We work with school administrators to conduct unannounced, surprise drills to evaluate the success of training and implementation. During an unannounced drill, staff and students are told that it is only a drill. The difference is that the staff and students are not notified ahead of time, and will therefore respond more realistically.

Police Contact.

Our Programs provide your police department with the information they need in order to communicate immediately with school command staff when there is a nearby danger. This also includes establishing communication between police and off-site school district administrators. We establish the protocol and fully test it.


Our plans will guide you on how to effectively control parents who will begin arriving during a crisis, and the accompanying traffic congestion.  


Our Programs include a disciplined evacuation process should it be necessary to evacuate children from the school building and grounds.  We establish the protocol for flow, transport, and coordination with staff at the evacuation site.


Following evacuation, reunifying the grade school age children in your custody with their parents can be a complex procedure. You must ensure that children are being picked up by a legally appropriate parent or caretaker.


We conduct a debrief with drill participants and identify areas needing improvement. The Crisis Plan is reviewed annually to reflect changes in personal and the environment.

Be Prepared. Be Confident.

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