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Hospital Crisis Program

Serve and Protect™ will design, train, and implement an Active Shooter/ Workplace Violence Training Program customized to the unique needs of your hospital, adjoining clinics, and support facilities.  

Risk Assessment.

A comprehensive Risk Assessment of your Facility and Office space, and

a Review of your existing policies and procedures. We incorporate the unique layout of your hospital and nearby facilities into your Crisis Plan.       


Active Shooter Lockdown and Evacuation Plans, based on the Run Hide Fight Model, are written and designed in coordination with hospital administrators and local law enforcement.


Active Shooter training includes establishing a mass notification system throughout the hospital so that an employee can make immediate notification to the rest of the hospital that an armed intruder is inside. The Plan includes immediate notification to other buildings on the health campus.

Command Post.

For other types of emergencies, we will help you design a command post where decision-makers can respond to coordinate action with emergency responders.


Our crisis Plans are consistent with national best practices and U.S. Joint Commission standards.


Serve and Protect™ can provide you with an infant abduction protocol. We will design, train, and implement an abduction drill that you can do in conjunction with law enforcement.  All employees must know how to effectively respond during an infant abduction.

Test Infrastructure Drills.  

Our drills include testing the call center, command post, and main switchboard during a crisis. We test the call center’s ability to relay accurate information immediately, and determine what additional resources they will need before there is a crisis.

Training Exercises.

We provide classroom type training, as well as more advanced training options such as “Table Top” exercises and Active Shooter drills for your entire building or campus. These drills are also known as Active Threat drills, or Hard Lockdown drills. Our training exercises are not designed to scare or alarm. They are intended to provide companies with a realistic view of how your employees will respond in a crisis, and are conducted with the participation and cooperation of your local police. Your company Crisis Plan is only as good as the last time it was practiced.

Crowd Control.

If there is a mass shooting, gang shooting, or other large-scale crime scene in the area, the ER will be inundated with victims, families, and friends. We outline and prepare security and staffing measures that will be needed to prevent additional violence among visitors.

Be Prepared. Be Confident.

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