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Joseph Crimmins, the Founder and President of Serve and Protect Law LLC™, is a retired Police Detective Sergeant with 30 years of experience in criminal investigations and emergency preparedness. Joe played a large part in creating and developing Active Shooter Lockdown, Evacuation, and Crisis training for many school districts in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. He has conducted hundreds of school Active Shooter trainings, as well as Infant Abduction training for hospitals, Active Shooter training for hospital campuses, and evacuation training for large commercial buildings. Joe has authored Active Threat and Workplace Violence policies for school districts, churches, hospital systems, park districts, libraries and many types of businesses.

As a Crisis Consultant, Joe writes policies and procedures, and designs and conducts Active Shooter and Workplace Violence training programs to prepare and train employees for an active threat in their workplace. With the same concepts and skills that he used to make school buildings safer, he now applies to the workplace; including office buildings, park district facilities, libraries, childcare facilities, and churches, etc.

Joe is an instructor for police organizations, providing instruction to police officers on constitutional law, search and seizure law, and conducting effective interviews and interrogations. Joe also provides training to businesses on how to properly conduct an internal investigation in the workplace, how to properly interview employees accused of misconduct, and how to maximize information gathering as part of a successful internal investigation. He is a resource to business leaders on topics ranging from employee interviews, crisis management, and armed intruder best practices.

While working as a police officer he attended law school, and graduated from John Marshall Law School in Chicago in 2000. As an attorney, Joe works with individuals and business owners to create their estate plan, their business succession plan, and design asset protection strategies to minimize liability.


Photo Credit: Rich Russo Photography

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