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Workplace Crisis Program

Serve and Protect™ will design, train, and implement an Active Shooter/ Workplace Violence Training Program customized to the needs of your facility. Our Crisis Programs are consistent with the Run Hide Fight Model.

Risk Assessment.

A comprehensive Risk Assessment of your Facility and office space, and a Review of your existing policies and procedures. We incorporate the unique layout of your office, building or campus into your Crisis Plan.   

Lockdown/Evacuation Plan.  

All office suites, buildings, and campuses must have policies and procedures regarding a Lockdown / Evacuation plan in the event of an armed intruder.  If employees are unable to evacuate, they must be able to secure their workspace and be hidden from view on a moment’s notice.  

Safe Location.

Employees need to know their options when considering evacuating their workspace. If they cannot safely evacuate, they need to pre-plan a room where they can be safe during a lockdown.

Notification System.  

Our Team will help you design and implement a notification system that can provide immediate warning to everyone in the building that there is an armed intruder on site.

Training Exercises.

We provide classroom type training, as well as more advanced training options such as “Table Top” exercises and Active Shooter drills for your entire building or campus. These drills are also known as Active Threat drills, or Hard Lockdown drills. Our training exercises are not designed to scare or alarm. They are intended to provide companies with a realistic view of how your employees will respond in a crisis, and are conducted with the participation and cooperation of your local police. Your company Crisis Plan is only as good as the last time it was practiced.


We assist companies with the pre-planning necessary to resolve a dangerous incident on your campus or in your building. We help you establish a command post, and help you coordinate training and communication between building managers and police. These action steps must be taken before there is a crisis, not during a crisis. Additionally, a dangerous incident may last for hours, or even days. There may be a prolonged search for the offender, or the building could be a crime scene for an extended period of time. Pre-Planning will reduce risk and speed resolution.

Local Law Enforcement.  

We work with you to ensure that the police department knows the layout of your building or campus ahead of time, and that they have emergency contact information for all the appropriate decision makers in your building.

Security Personnel. Gun Restrictions on Site. Door Locks and Secure Rooms.

Many companies have employees or contractors on site that are functioning as “Security.” Is there an expectation that they are able to stop an Active Threat, or are they really a concierge service for guests and visitors? Will the door locks that a company installed on office doors save lives during an Active Threat Lockdown, or will they actually restrict employees from being able to access secure rooms? What is a company’s written policy on searching employee spaces for weapons or contraband? Our legal staff at Serve and Protect LLC can assist companies navigate these important and complicated safety related issues.

Internal Investigations

We conduct corporate internal investigations on a variety of issues including workplace harassment, theft, and discrimination.

Be Prepared. Be Confident.

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