Serve and Protect™ applies our proven process that addresses Active Shooter situations and other acts of Workplace Violence. We Deliver: 


• A Crisis Risk Assessment of your facilities

• A custom Crisis Plan for your facilities

• Training and drills to evaluate and test the Crisis Plan

• Monitoring and refinement of the Crisis Plan as needed

• Coordination with law enforcement and first responders


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Workplace Crisis Program

Serve and Protect™ will design, train, and implement an Active Shooter/ Workplace Violence Training Program customized to the needs of your facility. Our Crisis Programs are consistent with the Run Hide Fight Model.


A comprehensive Risk Assessment of your Facility and office space, and a Review of your existing policies and procedures. We incorporate the unique layout of your office, building or campus into your Crisis Plan.   

Lockdown/Evacuation Plan.  

All office suites, buildings, and campuses must have policies and procedures regarding a Lockdown / Evacuation plan in the event of an armed intruder.  If employees are unable to evacuate, they must be able to secure their workspace and be hidden from view on a moment’s notice.  

Safe Location.

Employees need to know their options when considering evacuating their workspace. If they cannot safely evacuate, they need to pre-plan a room where they can be safe during a lockdown.

Notification System.  

Our Plans design and implement a notification system to assist office and building managers to alert employees that there is an armed intruder in the building.

Training Exercises.

We work with building managers to conduct both scheduled, and unannounced drills to evaluate the success of training and implementation. During an unannounced drill, employees are told that it is only a drill. The difference is that the employees are not notified ahead of time, and will therefore respond more realistically.

Pre Planning.

Property managers should proactively train and coordinate with law enforcement to speed evacuation and shorten the length of an incident. A dangerous incident in a building, or on campus, may last for hours or even days. There may be a prolonged search for the offender, or the building could be a crime scene for an extended period of time.  A disciplined plan can reduce risk and speed solution.

Local Law Enforcement.  

Our Plans ensure that police have emergency contact information that is current for all individual businesses and building managers, and that they are able to make immediate contact with all appropriate decision makers in your building.

Monitoring and Evaluation.

Serve and Protect reviews plans on an annual basis to reflect changes and improvements learned from previous drills.

Be Prepared. Be Confident.