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  • Joseph Crimmins

A New Virus- A New Consciousness

March 20, 2020 A New Consciousness

Einstein said that no problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.

The consciousness right now of many business owners like myself is fear. The events of March 2020 have caused me to conduct business in financial “survival mode.” My current mindset, otherwise known as my consciousness, produces continual thoughts. My consciousness tells me to doubt myself and my business, and that my business may not survive 2020. These thoughts dictate what my reality will be. I am creating new neural networks in my mind that will all but ensure this reality.

The corresponding stress response will have direct and tangible physical effects on my body that can perpetuate illness. With my mind generating a consciousness of fear, these neural networks in my brain are being hardwired to initiate not only illness, but my financial ruin.

I am taking control of my consciousness, and I am creating a new consciousness to navigate through this terrible event.

A Consciousness of Belief in Myself

I will create new neural networks in my mind that create my new reality-that my business provided service and value before this event; that my business will be equally worthwhile and valuable after this event has passed; and that my business will prosper. These neural networks will all but ensure this reality.

A Consciousness of Support for Others

Every local restaurant owner that I support by ordering a take-out meal in March and April of 2020 will remember my name or my face forever. I am important to them, and I will be there for them.

I will remember the grocery stores that honored sale prices on paper products and cleaning supplies as the “shortage” started developing.

(I will also remember the stores and manufacturers that inflated prices of paper products and cleaning supplies just after the “shortage” started developing).

A Consciousness of Gratitude

I will always remember and be grateful for the police officers, firemen, doctors, nurses, and grocery store employees that continue to show up for work every day.

I will always remember and be grateful for the neighbors of my elderly parents who called them to ask them if they could shop for them so that my parents would not have to go out in public and expose themselves to illness.

I will always remember and be grateful for my neighbors that texted me to let me know that they have extra toilet paper, and that they would be happy to give me some if my family needed any.

With my new consciousness of belief, support, and gratitude, and with my friends, neighbors and community, there is no shortage. There is no shortage of toilet paper. There is no shortage of food. There is no shortage of people like me that still need to get their hair cut, to get their clothes cleaned, and that require the professional and caring services that our businesses provide.

Now…what restaurant shall we order from tonight…?

With inspiration from author Joe Dispenza, D.C.



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