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Webinar Recording: Personal Safety - Tips for Your Employees on the Road or Outside the Office

Does your business have employees on the road representing your company, or even entering customer homes?

In a recent webinar hosted by the Daily Herald Business Ledger, Joseph Crimmins presented specific skills and action steps employees, whether on the road for work or traveling for pleasure with their families, can use to keep themselves and their families safer on the road, and in unfamiliar environments.

Watch the recording:


Joseph Crimmins, the Founder and President of Serve and Protect Law LLC™, is a retired Police Detective Sergeant with 30 years of experience in criminal investigations and emergency preparedness. Joe played a large part in creating and developing Active Shooter Lockdown and Evacuation training for many school districts in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. He has conducted hundreds of school Active Shooter drills, as well as Infant Abduction drills for hospitals, Active Shooter drills for hospital campuses, and evacuation drills for large buildings. Joe has authored Active Shooter and Workplace Violence policies for public schools, private schools, churches, hospital campuses and park district buildings. Learn more by clicking here.



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